General Launch Information

Promotional information for launching Flexischools to your students, parents and staff

Flexischools Online Ordering makes receiving, processing and preparing lunch orders faster, easier and more accurate than over-the-counter orders. You will have your menu online, set-up, and ready to go. So now we need to take full advantage of this great new system! Flexischools has launched in hundreds of schools, and this guide takes all the ideas and feedback we have gained along the way to help ensure your launch is as smooth and successful as possible.

Many of the documents and ideas here can be used for launching the Uniform Shop, Online Events and Point-of-Sale with Cards.







HINT: Don’t be Shy!

The most successful schools are those that launch with confidence!  Make sure you let everyone know that the system is live and you’re keen to have everyone to order this way.  If you play down the system at the start you might find it difficult to encourage people later on.  Start with confidence and the parents will reciprocate your enthusiasm.








STEP 1: Awareness

The first step is to build awareness and ensure everyone in the school has heard of this new system.  We can assist in the following areas:


  • Newsletters

The most successful strategy has been to send the parents a newsletter, often via email. The insert below gives a brief overview of the key features of the system and is suitable for a newsletter.  You might want to post this in several newsletters at the start to give parents and opportunity to see the information.


Download the Newsletter Insert here


  • Flyers

Some schools hand out flyers directly to parents at the counter when they come to place a paper order.  Alternatively, you can send them home with the students.


Download a copy of the Online Ordering Brochure here

Download Online Brochure (3-to-a-page) here

Download Online Uniform Shop Brochure here

You can order hardcopy flyers here. Please note, if you are just starting up you will have been sent a Promotional Code, which will mean that you will receive the first set of flyers free.


  • Make Your Own Inserts

You will probably want to use our images to create your own flyer and/or brochure.  Feel free to use any of the following:


Download the Online Ordering insert

Download the Online Registration insert


  • Posters

The best place to put the posters is at the front of the canteen (if this is where parents normally place paper orders).  In addition, the school office noticeboard works well.


Download a copy of the A4 Poster here

Download NEW A3 Poster

Download NEW A3 Poster (with bleed)




  •  Registration and Ordering

You may like to send out information to parents an staff on how to register and place orders. Depending on your set up, this can be just for online Canteen/Tuckshop orders, or with other services:


How to Register and start to place Food Orders

How to Register and start to place Food & Uniform Orders

How to Register and start to place Event Orders

How to Register for Online Orders & POS Cards


STEP 2: Detailed Information

Some parents like to know all the details before signing up, and others missed the initial launch and need somewhere to find out more.  The best place to put detailed information is on your school’s website and we have provided the following materials:



  • Information Sheet
    We’ve attached an “Information for Parents” sheet that can replicated on your current school webpage, or offered as a download.


Download the Information for Parents here


  • Demonstration Menu
    From the FlexiSchools website, parents can type the school’s name in the "What's on at your school?" box to see a ‘demonstration’ of the menu.  This operates like the normal menu and lets them get comfortable with the system without having to sign up for an account.  We can also provide you with a direct link to this menu for your website.





STEP 3: Gentle Encouragement 


Once you have a good number of parents using the system, you’ll want to encourage the rest of them along.  Most of the other parents aren’t against using the system; they just haven’t prioritised it in their busy days.  What they need is a reason to register today, not tomorrow.  Here are some ideas, from most effective to least:



  • Special Day
    Put your next special food day online only.  It’s a busy day and you could do with the extra time to help prepare the meals.  You can even make the cutoff day a day or two early.  Note: if you make it online optional, it will not effectively encourage parents to register.  It needs to be online only to be effective. How to Add a Special Food Day. To add a new online service follow this link.


  • Friday Online Only
    Fridays are probably your most busy day by a good margin.  This is the perfect reason to tell parents that on a Friday they need to order online.  Those who don’t want to order online, that’s fine…they have Monday to Thursday!


  • Online Draw
    Have the kids put their online order labels into a box at the end of lunch.  Then each week, draw a ticket from the box (it has the student’s name on it).  That student wins a prize, e.g. an icy pole.  This can be an effective an inexpensive way to encourage the others to get online.





We hope this guide has given you some good ideas for your launch.  If you have successful ideas of your own we’d love to hear about them and help spread the word.




Good luck with your launch; and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly flexischools help desk on 1300 361 769 or