Online ordering for canteens

What does it cost the school (Australia)?

If your school is already operating Flexischools online ordering then other services such as events, fundraisers, book sales and more can be added at no additional cost^. Please click here for more information about adding an online uniform shop.


Online Canteen Setup Fee  includes:

  • Paper menu converted to an online menu with unlimited customisation options
  • Thermal label printer with 12 month warranty
  • Continuous supply of sticky labels
  • Ongoing support and advice from the experts at Flexischools

Transaction Fees. Transaction Fees are calculated only on the sales processed through Flexischools. Cash and EFT transactions made over the counter or through point-of-sale equipment are free of fees. 


Cash Sales. There are no fees charged on cash or EFT sales.

Do I need point-of-sale equipment?

No. You do not need expensive point-of-sale equipment to operate Flexischools online ordering. By introducing Flexischools online ordering and promoting it's use to your school community, you can vastly or completely reduce the amount of cash taken at the canteen making point-of-sale equipment unnecessary. We recommend implementing online ordering and re-assessing the need for point-of-sale 12 months later.

What equipment do I need in my canteen?

Flexischools performs all the administration required to manage the system, including payment processing, registration, maintenance, and customer service. The system runs on Flexischools’ secure servers, meaning there are no expensive servers, networks, or applications for you to manage on your premises. There are minimal requirements to set up Flexischools online ordering, these include:

  • Internet-connected PC running Vista, Win7, Win8
  • A4 printer

Can parents add allergy alerts?

Unlike paper menus, online ordering provides parents with much more control over what their kids order, as well as detailed item information - which are both particularly important for allergies or intolerances.


Via the online system, parents can view detailed information about the ingredients in items, and canteens can also use icons to specify allergy-free items, like "Gluten-free".  This allows parents to make informed choices for their children.  Parents can also be assured that the order is delivered directly to the canteen and can't be changed by the student or mishandled.


Some schools choose to allow parents to specify an 'allergy alert' on the order label to highlight particular issues.  Either way, online ordering provides parents with maximum information and control over what their students eat. 

What is the Money Back Guarantee?

Flexischools offers a 12 month trial to all online ordering customers. If you are not happy with our online ordering facility, you can return the label printer and we will refund the online canteen setup fees in full.

What reports will I receive?

Each week, Flexischools distributes sales earnings back to the school service provider whether that is directly to the school, to a third-party provider or to the P&F. Detailed reports provide invaluable information about the spending habits of your school community and drives more profitable activities in the future.


You can also access reports using your Administrator login at flexischools.com.au.

Is there something more I could do with my menu?

One of the benefits of incorporating online ordering to your school canteen is the fully flexible and customisable menu, ability to keep the menu fresh and up-to-date and providing a range of menu alternatives that is simply not possible with a paper based system. Canteens using Flexischools are developing their menus to suit this innovative approach. To view some of the menus used by schools currently operating online ordering, type a school name into the "What's on at your School" box on the Parents homepage.

What training will be provided?

Training is provided to Canteen Managers remotely prior to the system launching to the school community. Our friendly customer service team is available from 7am to 6pm (EDST time), Monday to Friday if you need a refresher or any help. We're only a phone call away!

What security is provided for parents credit cards?

Flexischools payment gateway is operated through Westpac. All credit card information is securely stored with Westpac and Flexischools does not have access to this information.

How can I get started?

How to set up an online canteen page explains the process and contains the application form needed to get started with Flexischools.

What if I need some help?

Help is only a phone call away! Our friendly customer service team is available from 7am to 6pm (EDST time), Monday to Friday. Contact us