Online Payments

What are the benefits of an online payment system?

  • Take orders online 24/7
  • Remove cash from the payment process
  • Fulfill orders at a convenient time
  • Detailed reporting for all school services
  • Better understanding and analysis of school services
  • No reliance on school office for payment processing
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased information for parents

Do I need point-of-sale or EFT equipment?

No. You do not need expensive point-of-sale or EFT equipment to operate Flexischools online payments. By introducing Flexischools online payments and promoting it's use to your school community, you can vastly or completely reduce the amount of cash taken at the school and provide credit card payments to parents without requiring point-of-sale and EFT equipment on site. 

What equipment do I need?

Flexischools performs all the administration required to manage the system, including payment processing, registration, maintenance, and customer service. The system runs on Flexischools’ secure servers, meaning there are no expensive servers, networks, or applications for you to manage on your premises. There are minimal requirements to set up Flexischools online payments, these include:

  • Internet-connected device to check your email or login to flexischools.com.au using your Administrator password
  • A4 printer to print orders and reports

When will the school get paid?

Payment schedules are dependant on the type of school service:


For ongoing services where no products or services are received by the parent, such as school fees, Flexischools distributes sales earnings back to the school service each week. Sales are collected between Saturday and Friday and distributed to the preferred account on the following Tuesday.


For ongoing services where a product is supplied within a short time period, such as uniform shop, Flexischools distributes sales earnings back to the school service each week. Sales are collected for orders being delivered between Saturday and Friday and distributed to the preferred account on the following Tuesday.


For one-off services such as seated events, non-seated events, fundraisers or excursions, Flexischools collects sales earnings during the sale period and distributes these funds to the service's preferred account on the Tuesday following delivery of the goods or the completion of the event. For example, a school musical is being held with shows on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 June. Tickets are available online from 1 April to 31 May. Flexischools collects sales from parents during the sale period of 1 April to 31 May. Following the successful completion of the event on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 June, Flexischools remits all sales funds to the preferred account on Tuesday 17 June. 

What reports will I receive?

Detailed reports on orders or payments received will be emailed to the Service Manager each day or at the end of the sale period, whichever is preferred. Real-time reports are also available using your Flexischools Administrators password on flexischools.com.au and provide invaluable information about the spending habits of your school community and drives more profitable activities in the future.