Flexischools for DEECD
Australia's leading online ordering and cashless payment supplier.

Flexischools is Australia's leading provider of online and cashless systems for schools with over 1,000 schools and millions of orders processed. Our revolutionary solutions are easy-to-use, convenient for schools and parents, and are now 100% compatible with CASES21 finance, administration and reporting software used across VIC Government schools. The information below will provide you with some insight into who we are and let you know how you can sign up to enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.

Reduce the administration time spent handling cash...

Flexischools online ordering and cashless payment solutions allow parents to order and pay for a wide range of school services online while senior students can use their existing student ID to pay over the counter at the canteen, uniform shop or for printing/photocopying.


A whole-of-campus cashless solution...

Flexischools streamlines the ordering, payment and processing of all school purchases:

  • Canteen
  • Uniform Shop
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Bus Tickets
  • Fee Collection
  • Excursions
  • Extracurricular lesson fees - music/sport

Integrated with CASES21

There's no need to worry about the compatibility of Flexischools with CASES21, thanks to the new 'CASES21 Payment Receipting' function, which allows schools to simply and securely collect parent payments via Flexischools. Flexischools has worked closely with DEECD to streamline the CASES21 integration with their cashless services, making receivables billing, processing and receipting a simple, streamlined, secure and administrator-friendly process.

  • Cut down your workload - bill receivables to parents, by student or family group and let them pay online. Flexischools saves you time by receiving and processing payments on your behalf.
  • Convenient for parents - accessible from phone, tablet or PC, with a range of payment methods. Simply add a Payer Code to see your outstanding invoices.

The Cases 21 Payment Receipting function is easy to use...

  1. Export debts from Cases21.
  2. Use your Admin Login with Flexischools to upload the payment file.
  3. When parents login to Flexischools and choose 'Make Payments', they are first prompted to enter their Payer Code (ID on the printed statement) and can then choose from a list of payments you have allocated to them.
  4. At the end of each week, Flexischools emails the Cases21 payments file, in the correct format, ready for easy upload into Cases21.
  5. The associated Payer Code means that each payment will be automatically allocated to the correct invoice and student.

Sign up and enjoy an all-encompassing, whole-of-campus solution and eliminate on-campus cash-handling completely. Flexischools can easily take the hassle out of fee collection with the Cases21 Receipting function:

  • To sign up for Cases21, complete the procurement agreement for VIC Government Schools by calling 1300 361 769 or email us on sales@flexischools.com.au.

You might like to also consider other solutions that streamline the ordering, payment and processing of all school purchases including canteen, uniform shop, fundraising, photocopying, bus tickets, music lesson fees and sporting fees. 

We encourage you to complete an Online Service Form for the services you would like to activate- we've put a range of forms in the right-hand panel for easy reference. Alternatively, contact a member of our friendly sales team on 1300 361 769 or sales@flexischools.com.au to sign up for additional Flexischools solutions – we’ll work together to make your school cashless!