Setup a Special Canteen Service...
Special Canteen Services are a great addition to your regular canteen operation!

Special Canteen Services help to increase the profits of the school canteen while also introducing more parents to online ordering. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Determine if you need a new Special Canteen Service or if you can add your items to your existing canteen menu - click here for Special Canteen Service Instructions
  2. If you need a new Special Canteen Service fill in the Online Form by clicking here
  3. We set up your Special Canteen Service Menu and ask you to approve
  4. Promote to Parents

'Help is never far away'. Our dedicated Customer Service team is available to assist you.

Special Canteen Service Ideas


Food for Special Canteen Days can be made in the canteen, or brought in from outside sources and processed through the canteen. Often local businesses, and school parents who run catering businesses, are keen to supply food for a Special Canteen Days– they may give you a good discount as this can be a great promotion for them too.


Special Canteen Day ideas from other canteens include sausage sizzles, pizza days, fish and chip days, sushi specials, valentine's menus, footy specials, pancake days, swimming/athletics carnival food, and fundraising specials. View a range of our ideas her on the Spice Up Your Canteen Menu page or on the Healthy Theme Day ideas page


To get the most out of your Special Canteen Day and decrease pressure on your canteen volunteers, try making it online orders only.


You can promote your new online Special Canteen Day to the school community through your school newsletters, school website and emails. Flexischools provide a range of promotional materials for your use - just ask us!