Third Party Canteen Setup...
How an Existing Service Operator adds a New Canteen...

Follow these steps if you have an existing Canteen Service with Flexischools.


Setup Steps

You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in Online Service Form for the Canteen
  2. Install and Test Printer (if required)
  3. Set Launch Date


Adding a Canteen as an Existing Service Operator

We will be in contact with you during these steps with help, direction and advice. In some cases, this whole process can be completed in a week or two!


1.      Fill in Online Service Form for the Canteen

The first step is to detail the Canteen where you wish to locate the Service. You should complete one of these forms for each new Canteen:

Add a Canteen Service

This will ask you for the contact details and financial information for the Canteen. You will also be asked for the menu and class list, which can be send through separately, and if you require a new label printer for this Canteen.


2.      Install and Test Printer

If you ordered a new Thermal Label Printer, please download the instructions for installing here:

Installation Guide for TSC Printer

By this stage, you will have been sent an email with your specific username and password for access to the online orders.

A “test” label will already exist online. Print off the label to make sure everything looks good. This document describes how to use the software:

How to Use FlexiSchools for Daily Lunch Orders

For help with the installation please contact our Customer Services and our team will be happy to assist, but you may wish to do this after the lunch rush.


3.    Set Launch Date

You are now ready to set a launch date for the system to go live. Why delay? As soon as the menu is agreed and the software is installed you can make the system live.



Please go to Help and Information at any time.