Make the most of Flexischools...


HINT: Be proactive and creative, and watch your sales soar!

Starting with Flexischools is going to make your school life a whole lot easier, but it can also do wonders for your sales figures. Flexischools has launched in over 1000 schools to date and by keeping track of ideas and feedback along the way we know the best way to optimise your Flexischools services.


Advertising & Promotion...


There is a simple recipe for success when it comes to promoting your Flexischools services on-campus! Start at the beginning by releasing information to parents on orientation day and encourage immediate sign up. Distribute information around campus with posters, paper menus and flyers, and extend your reach to the home environment with an informative newsletter. Another way to capture the community is to link Flexischools to the home page of your website - if your service is easy to access it is much more likely to be used!


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Update Menus and Catalogues


Drive up sales and create a buzz around your canteen with special canteen days. Get students looking forward to lunchtime with Mexican Mondays and Fried Rice Fridays, or really drum up excitement about the canteen with themed food days, from Star Wars to Monsters Inc. It's easy to make healthy theme foods!


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Cashless System Competitions


Run a 'Scan and win!' promotion. When a student makes an on-campus purchase, scanning their ID card as payment, they go into the draw to win a prize. Flexischools can pull a report on behalf of the school showing all active student card users, which you can use to draw a winner at random! Alternatively, offer a free ice block for the first cashless card scan! Incentives are a great way of increasing registration and usage.

If you don't have a cashless card facility, run an online ordering competition. Collect your lunch, remove the printed label and put it into a draw to win. You'll see students flock to order online at the canteen!


Online Ordering Only


Don't be scared to make your service 'online only'! You will be surprised how many parents take to the convenient system like ducks to water if given a little push. You don't have to go 100% cash free straight away, you might like to tempt your community with special online only days, online only specials and online only competitions.


Cashless Card Only Queue


Nobody likes wasting precious time waiting in a long, slow canteen queue. By making a cashless card only queue you can show others how efficient student ID payment can be and you'll have more students registering in no time!


Cross Promotion


It's a simple equation; the more online services, the more families register online and the more potential customers you have! You may have started with a Flexischools canteen service, but by taking your uniform shop, school fees, excursions, events and fundraisers online you'll encourage a cash free community, which in our experience parents love! Once you have increased your online registrations you can focus your time on providing variation and upselling, upselling, upselling!


Flexischools now integrates with leading communications app, FlexiBuzz!


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