Online Ordering


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There's no need for canteen staff to spend their mornings battling the many difficulties associated with a paper-based canteen system - sorting bags, collecting coins, organising change and dealing with inaccurate orders. Save hours each day by introducing online ordering to your school canteen.


The benefits needn't stop at the canteen. Online ordering is suitable for uniform shop sales, event ticketing, merchandise sales, school fee payments and more. With Flexischools, every order is complete, correct and fully paid.


What's more, parents and students love the convenience of this 24/7 online system that can be accessed from home, work or any mobile device. Our existing customers certainly don't miss fumbling around for coins in the morning, or sending their kids to school with excess cash. Online ordering is fast, accurate and gives parents peace of mind that their order and payment has been received and their child is guaranteed to receive their order, whatever it may be.