Spice up your canteen menu...


TIP: Don’t be Shy! The most successful school canteens are those that are confident and creative!

Drive up sales and create a buzz around your canteen with special canteen days. Get students looking forward to lunchtime with Mexican Mondays and Fried Rice Fridays, or really drum up excitement about the canteen with themed food days, from Star Wars to Monsters Inc (Click Here for Canteen Theme Days). It's easy to make healthy theme foods! While the list of options is endless, below you can find a few ideas to get you started...

Mexican Mondays


Mexican is usually on the black list for canteens with most dishes laden with cheese and highly calorific.The good news is, there are healthier options and healthy modifications that can be made to popular mexican dishes, which give you the green light to serve Mexican in your canteen! 


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- Swap flour tortillas for corn tortilla, which are lower in fat.

- Instead of sour cream, top dishes with 2 tablespoons guacamole or fresh avocado. Avocados are a source of heart-healthy unsaturated fats, fibre and folate.

- Substitute white rice with brown rice if it is available

- Add extra salsa, lemon or lime juice or fresh cilantro to boost the flavor of each dish without sacrificing health.




Chicken Fajitas http://healthy-kids.com.au/fajitas/

Chicken Burritos http://healthy-kids.com.au/chicken-burritos/

Chilli-Con-Carne http://healthy-kids.com.au/chilli-con-carne/

Choose Your Toppings Tuesdays


Kids love to have input into what they eat! Offer a range of healthy toppings for pizzas, baked potatoes, melts and nachos - kids get choice and you keep things healthy!


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- Use fresh ingredients over packaged or canned

- Offer lean meats such as chicken, rather than salami

- List a vegetable - sweetcorn, capsicum, mushroom - as a must have before offering your topping choices




Mighty Muffin Pizzas http://healthy-kids.com.au/mighty-muffin-pizzas/

Pita Pizzas http://healthy-kids.com.au/pita-pizzas/

Wok Wednesdays


Stir-frying is a healthy cooking technique when you do it properly! The quick cooking preserves nutrients, and the sparing use of meat creates dishes that are relatively low in cholesterol. A stir-fry is a creative and versatile way to save money because of the technique's traditional reliance on vegetables, which are usually less expensive than meat.


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- Use an oil such as coconut oil that stands up well to high heat and use only enough to just coat the pan and the ingredients.

- Pay attention to prices of in-season vegetables and adjust your mix of ingredients accordingly to cut costs




Stir Fried Beef and Vermincelli Salad http://healthy-kids.com.au/stir-fried-beef-and-vermicelli-salad/

Toastie Thursdays


Toasted sandwiches, panini's and wraps are a delicious lunchtime choice that children love! Think outside the box and you can create a host of healthy options.


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- Always choose wholemeal or multi-grain bread

- Replace butter used in sandwiches with mayonnaise or smashed avocado

- Leave off the butter used to prevent burning – simply toast for less time and keep it healthy!



Tex Mex/Pizza/Apple Pie Jaffles  http://healthy-kids.com.au/green-jaffles/

Toasted Ricotta & Banana Wraps  http://healthy-kids.com.au/ricotta-and-banana-wraps-with-warm-honey/

Fried Rice Fridays


Fried rice is a fantastic way to get kids eating a whole range of vegetables! Although the dish is called fried rice, the rice is steamed so it's actually a healthy option. You can also use any vegetables you have at hand including corn kernels, mushrooms and peas.


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- Replace white rice with brown

- Save money by using in-season vegetables




Family Fried Rice  http://healthy-kids.com.au/family-fried-rice/

Healthy Fried Rice  http://healthy-kids.com.au/healthy-fried-rice/

Baked Tomato Rice  http://healthy-kids.com.au/baked-tomato-rice/

Curried Rice Salad  http://healthy-kids.com.au/curried-rice-salad/


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