Hit the ground running with Flexischools launch ideas...

HINT: Don’t be Shy! The most successful schools are those that launch with confidence!

Flexischools online ordering makes receiving and processing payments for all school services faster, easier and more accurate than over-the-counter orders. By now, you will have your online menu or catalogue set-up and ready to go, so now it's time to start taking full advantage of this great new system.


Flexischools has launched in over 1000 schools to date and by keeping track of ideas and feedback along the way we know the best way to achieve a smooth and successful launch. On this page you will find everything you need to increase awareness of your online services and ensure your school community is well informed, ensuring they make the most of Flexischools.


Step 1: Provide Detailed Information...


Parent Information

Some parents like to know all the details before signing up, while others may need somewhere to turn to find out more about how to register and use Flexischools. Use your school's website as a hub for this information. Distributing information in your school newsletter is a most successful strategy! We suggest you post information in more than one newsletter after initial launch to ensure the majority of parents see it. The word document below can be copied and formatted into the body of your newsletter, or a PDF of the same information can be attached to your e-newsletter or offered as a download from your school website.


Online Ordering– Registration - Word

Online Ordering– Registration - PDF

Cashless Card – Registration/Setup - Word

Cashless Card – Registration/Setup - PDF

Online Ordering & Cashless Card - Registration/Setup - Word

Online Ordering & Cashless Card - Registration/Setup - PDF


Demo Service

For unsure parents who wish to familiarise themselves with the system before registering, let them know they can check out your service before signing up! Parents can type your school name into the 'What's on at your school?' box and view a demonstration of the menu or catalogue. The demo operates normally and lets parents get comfortable with the system. We can also provide you with a direct link to this menu that you can link to your website - just ask us! Click here to view what parents will see when they view a demo service.


Step 2: Let's build awareness...


Flexischools Website Banner

A web banner is a great addition to your school website! Advertise your use of Flexischools and encourage increased registration for your online services.


Web Banner - Online Ordering - General

Web Banner - Online Ordering - Canteen

Web Banner - Online Ordering - All Services

Web Banner - Online Ordering Cashless Card - General

Web Banner - Online Ordering Cashless Card - Canteen

Web Banner - Online Ordering Cashless Card - All Services


Flexischools Logo

Alternatively, use the Flexischools Logo or icon on your website homepage and hyperlink to the Flexischools webpage. Parents love the ease of clicking once on your school homepage and being directed to the Flexischools login screen.


Flexischools Logo

Flexischools Icon



Posters can be placed at the front of the canteen, uniform shop or admin building; wherever parents visit to make school payments or place paper orders. It's all about advertising in the places where eyes will see it!


Poster - Online Ordering - Canteen

Poster - Online Ordering - Uniform shop

Poster - Online Ordering - 'Insert Your Own Service'

Poster - Cashless Cards - All Services



Flyers should be handed directly to parents when they visit the school to make a payment or place a paper order. Also, reach more parents by sending home a flyer with every student. Roll call at the end of each day is the perfect time to distribute and make sure the flyer makes it home to parents.


Flyer - Online Ordering - Canteen

Flyer - Cashless Card - Canteen

Flyer - Online Ordering - Uniform

Flyer - Cashless Card - Uniform

Flyer - Online Ordering - Events

Flyer - Online Ordering - All Services

Flyer - Online Ordering - All Services Landscape