What is your tuck shop’s ‘away for the day’ plan?

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16 January 2024

Under the Queensland Government’s ‘Away for the daypolicy that will come into effect at Queensland state schools next week, each school, in consultation with their school community, will determine whether the use of mobile devices to make payments, including for tuckshop, uniform shop and office payments, will be permitted.

If your school doesn’t have an exemption in place, Flexischools can help with a range of payment options to ensure your school’s canteen continues to give students access to nutritious food to fuel their leaning, and help maintain their concentration in class.

Flexischools CEO Rachel Debeck said: “When mobile phone restrictions were introduced at schools in NSW and Victoria, Flexischools canteens reported around a 30% drop in over the counter sales, with students no longer able to tap their phone at the canteen to pay.”

“It was a significant impact on canteens at the time, and many of our customers were looking for help to reduce that decline and keep lunch spend at the canteen.

“Flexischools can help canteens in Queensland ensure they keep providing their nutritious meals to students, while phones are away for the day at school.

“Flexischools cash and phone-free payment solutions can be set up in as little as a couple of hours, and can use your school’s existing technology equipment, so a phone-free solution could be simpler and cheaper than you might think,” Rachel said.

Flexischools’ phone-free payment solutions



Flexischools Point of Sale

Install the Flexischools Rovr app on any existing phone or tablet and take payments via your school’s existing student ID or library cards.

Can be set up in a matter of hours!

Students and parents can pre-order in advance on the Flexischools app.

Pre-ordering saves canteens times and helps canteens manage food waste and staff scheduling.

Integrate Flexischools with a full point of sale, touch screen register.

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