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17 January 2024

If you’re operating a school canteen in South Australia, Flexischools’ in-built traffic light labelling feature can help you to align your menu with the Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Standards.

right bite logo SA Government

Image: SA Government

Flexischools canteens in South Australia can use Flexischools’ in-built traffic light function to ensure their menus appropriately categorise foods as green, amber, or red based on their nutritional value.

Once you have found out if the food and drinks on your menu meet the SA Government’s Right Bite Food and Drink Supply Standards, you can quickly and easily add a traffic light ranking, helping your customers to identify the classification for each item.

“Features like the in-built traffic lights is one of the ways we are making things simple for our customers,” said Rachel Debeck, CEO of Flexischools.

“Our customer success team is here to help Flexischools customers get the most from this feature, and ensure their menu is displayed in accordance with the Right Bite standards,” Rachel said.

If your canteen would like some help to add traffic light labels to your menu, or ideas for healthier menu items, get in touch with Flexischools’ customer success team.


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